Benke Erika Shave Soap - One of the top rated Shave Soaps In Europe (made in Hungary)

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The following scents are available:

Leather: Fresh tanned leather enhanced with the massage of summer saddle soap.


Masculine Musk: Sensual musk notes and just a touch of rosewood. A sweet, sophisticated masculine blend.

Bay Rum: Fresh essence of bay leaves with the bright enjoyment of orange peel and zest

Sands of Morocco: Classic carnation blended with warm, powdery sandalwood and musk.

Oakmoss: Wet and earthy oakmoss with green vetiver, vanilla and nutmeg

Barber Shoppe Vibrant Bergamot and fresh basil leaf are complemented by earthy notes of Oakmoss and white patchouli.

Frozen: Very cold, menthol, camphor and mint.

Pacific Waters: a tengeri só, a tengeri moha, a zöld vetiver és a hűvös óceán friss illata. (Sea salt, sea moss and green vetiver round out this fresh ocean fragrance.)

Tobacco & Black Amber:Warm honey and tobacco notes are brightened with hints of citrus and spice.

Vanilla Oak: Warm vanilla enveloped with tobacco, oak, cedar, patchouli and musk.

Mahogany & Teakwood:
A robust blend of mahogany, teak, cedar and oak.

Jacobs Desire: A warm blend of mandarin and pepper with cypress, ebony wood, leather, amber and musk.

Cool Lavander: Lavender, rosemary, bergamot, eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus Spearmint: Mixture of Eucalyptus, Sage, Fodor and Lavender.

Tuscan Olive Leaf: The blend of Italian bergamot and yuzu fits perfectly with the notes of olive leaf and jasmine, complemented by patchouli, cedar wood and white musk.

White Citrus: White grapefruit and fresh mandarin with a balmy blackcurrant, with a pinch of starry jasmine, with neroli and musk.

Cool Citrus Basil: Freshly picked herbs with basil and fresh citrus fruit.

White Thyme & Rosmary: The fresh smell of morning herbs with rosemary, lemon, thyme and coriander, refined by breathtaking hyacinth flowers.


Ingredients: Aqua, Potassium Tallowate, Sodium Tallowate, Potassium Stearate, Sodium Stearate, Potassium Cocoate, Sodium Cocoate, Potassium Castorate, Sodium Castorate, Sodium Lactate, Glycerin*, Fragrance