About us

Prohibition Style was born out of everyone's love for classic, quality handmade products, and vintage awesomeness. Prohibition era style is timeless and elegant. We offer a unique and individualized approach to your daily life by curating and hand making products that will impress and delight both your sense of style and your senses as a whole. 

We hand pick our suppliers to offer the best quality products, and continually curate the best products for you to enjoy and acquire as easily as possible. Our Iconic vintage pieces are modern and nostalgic. We offer a consistent and compelling vision that allows our customer to build a collection of enduring pieces. Our partnership with select factories and artisans, allows us to provide excellent products, with a high level of respect for all of our partners. Our products are perfect for making a little history of your own.

Our beard and shave products:

Justin Desjardins – owner and proprietor of Prohibition Style – comes from a long line of sales and marketing management jobs and businesses. On top of working hard as a car dealership general sales manager he found himself looking for a something he could do at home with his family that they all enjoy.

“Having a family with 5 kids and working long hours can be difficult, my wonderful wife and fellow entrepreneur Amy Desjardins showed an interest in making soap so I decided to jump in feet first and purchase all the tools and paraphernalia she needed to help her with her interest in supplementing the family income. We started really enjoying the creativity that soaping allowed for and at the time I was selling vintage beard products so we decided to create a line of our own products instead of selling everyone else’s. “

“The batches were small and we just gave them out to friends and family members to try, we also did trade shows and craft fairs, we soon found out people really like our products. I started playing with the formula and constantly tweaking it, I have very sensitive skin and I didn’t like how a lot of the shave soaps on the market dried my skin after I shaves. I started playing with adding more plant based butters and I found a perfect balance between having a decent and thick lather that doesn’t dissipate but also maintaining a killer post shave feel and start to finish soap slickness, once our 2 butter goats milk and 5 butter vegan soaps were perfected we started getting rave reviews on YouTube and Instagram. The engagement I received on my shaving products on Instagram really helped push our hobby from just a hobby into a viable brand.”

“My lovely partner and I love this new path our life is taking and I look forward to the day when the company is large enough to take over as my full-time commitment so we can spend more time as a family working side by side.”

I would like to take this time to thank our existing and future customers we truly appreciate how many products there are on the market and how many options there are for consumers. Every time we find customers that are willing to exchange their hard-earned money for our products and see value in them it makes all the long hours worth it. Thank you for your patronage and all the best to you and yours!