RazoRock Classic Italian Shaving Soap

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RazoRock Classic Italian Shaving Soap

  • Formulated and produced by one of our artisan Italian soap makers
  • All natural and vegan friendly soap that contains NO SLS, parabens or preservatives
  • Tested and loved by many Master Italian Barbers in Italy
  • Wonderful sweet almond/marzipan scent 
  • High quality, screw top jar with large opening for easy loading of your shaving brush
  • The soap has a soft consistency making it easy to load your shaving brush

This shaving soap is designed to be used with a traditional shaving brush.  If you have never used a shaving soap before, I encourage you to watch the video below by my friend Michael Freedberg.  Michael demonstrates a few popular ways of creating a lather with shaving soap and a traditional shaving brush.

Size: 125ml / 4.2 FL oz

Made in Italy.

RazoRock Classic Shave Cream Scent: Sweet Almond/Marzipan Scent.