Beginners Guide To Traditional Shaving Techniques - Shave Like Your Grandpa

Beginners Guide To Traditional Shaving Techniques - Shave Like Your Grandpa

Shaving Like Your Grandpa - With A Safety Razor:

Shaving Like Your Grandpa I have some pretty strict requirements for my day-to-day activities because I am a man, as you can imagine. I'd like to discuss the shave, which is the second most important part of my morning routine after taking a hot shower.

Real shaving has all but disappeared in recent years. We can thank marketing, which is also responsible for the creation of Valentine's Day and "Greeting Cards." Everything about a wet shaving experience with a safety razor is superior; however, due to marketing campaigns by the major razor companies, we have come to believe that the more blades a cheap plastic throwaway has, the better it is. And because we're suckers, we'll continue to pay $4 per cartridge for a dreadful shave that leaves us with razor burn.


You're about to learn a little-known secret from the man's handbook: classic wet shaving with a safety razor is better, cheaper, and significantly more relaxing (not to mention cooler) than shaving with one of those crappy "cartridge" shaving systems. 

This isn't a comprehensive tutorial on how to shave with a safety razor; rather, it's a demonstration of how straightforward the process can be.

What Else Should You Be Aware Of? The Advantages of the Traditional Wet Shave ("Wet Shave" Is The Fancy Name For "Shaving With A Safety Razor")

There are a variety of reasons why you should switch to the old school method of shaving, not the least of which is the fact that it is the only method of shaving that has been approved by the Bro Council.

Allow me to break down the three main reasons why you should make the switch in more detail:

  1. It provides a more comfortable shave.
  2. It is less expensive.
  3. It's more stylish, and you'll look and feel like a stud when you wear it.

Okay, now let's take them one at a time and examine them: It Provides a more pleasant shave first and foremost, allow me to provide you with a list of the resources I use as a starting point.

Canadian made and a great started razor the 


For a starter brush nothing beats a boar for cost and performance


The best part is breaking them in it nods to the process of wet shaving and how it is all technique based and it truly is an experience not an annoying daily routine Here is a video we made on breaking one in:

 Although we always recommend our product in the Prohibitions Style line up if you are new to wet shaving and are on a budget a great mainstream soap to work through is Proraso but if you have a bit more money or want a much more premium soap check out anything we have in our line of products here.

This is where you start seeing the value it wetshaving blades are super cheap! My personal favorites are these they are a good all around sharpness and perform very well:


The bottom line is that you'll get a closer shave, your razor won't clog up as much, and your skin will be less irritated.

That shave gel you bought for $4-$5 and used for a month? That was a waste of money. I'm still using the same shaving cream that I bought more than three months ago for less than $10. In addition, when I'm finished, I smell like all that is good in the world.

It is extremely popular among females. It was done by your grandfather, it was probably done by his grandfather, and it was done by all of the great heroes of our history. It's a ritual that every man should go through at least once in his life...and once he has, he will never go back.

In conclusion if you are looking for a quality shaving experience spend the minimal amount above and try it you will not be will more than likely become addicted.

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